The MAGIC MB-4S 3D is Enigma's 4-hopper cookie depositors. They are indisputably the most technologically advanced machines of their kind ever produced. In 2015 Enigma introduced its 3Dmode, an unprecedented technology in the confectionery equipment market. Since this time Enigma`s four-headed MAGIC is available in 3D version.


Enigma's MAGIC MB-4S 3D is four-headed, completely automated cake and cookie depositors. The MAGIC MB-4S 3D implements Enigma's unique, proprietary 3-dimensional geometric mode technology, an industry-revolutionizing innovation which opens up a new, practically infinite universe of possibilities because, when configuring the shape of the cake, we are not limited by any particular nozzle/tip because the form is made by table motion (To observe this amazing function for yourself, please watch the ULTRA 3D video. You will see that even when only one nozzle/ tip is used, so many shapes, e.g., oval, rhombus, square, stars, etc., can be made).


Among the many powerful and unique features of the  MAGIC MB-4S 3D is the capability to use a broad variety of dough types:


  •  Choux cakes;
  •  Meringues;
  • Short pastry tarts;
  • Soft gingerbread;
  • Sponge cakes;


The four dosing hoppers of the  MAGIC MB4S 3D make them the perfect instruments for creating a veritable symphony of confectionery items, such as:

  • Single-colored cakes/cookies;
  • Single-colored decorated cakes/cookies;
  • Single-colored filled cakes/cookies;
  • Single-colored filled decorated cakes/cookies;
  • Double-colored filled cakes/cookies;
  • Double-colored decorated cakes/cookies;
  • Wire-cut cakes/cookies;
  • Sponge cake bases.

Enigma's MAGIC MB-4S 3D stand out and soar to heights of production and efficiency far above and beyond those of the machines of all other manufacturers. Some of their superb, inimitable characteristics are:


  • Four dosing heads;
  • Concurrent production of two dissimilar cake/cookie types;
  • Replaceable slats with tips designed especially for the creation of cakes and cookies using many different kinds of dough;
  • Touch screen electronic control panel;
  • Easy, comprehensive and user-friendly control of all operation parameters;
  • Adjustable nozzle angle;
  • Head-roller rotation adjustment;
  • Adjustable rising table/smooth table motion;
  • Adjustable tray speed;
  • Wire-cutting speed control;
  • Hopper capacity: 50l;
  • High-quality stainless steel body;
  • High-quality stepper motors;
  • Mobile unit equipped with castors and brakes.



MAGIC MB-3S 3D Technical Data:


  • Installed power 2.3kW;
  • Baking tray size 40 x 60cm or American pan;
  • Power 3x400V;
  • Forming nozzle No. 10.